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  • Please read before posting

    This forum is where you can introduce yourselves and allow other members to welcome you to the board and maybe get to know you a little and help make you feel at home.

    We realize many of you are new to the web and new to posting on forum boards, introducing yourself and telling us a little about yourself is a great way to help you get an initial feel of how things work.

    If you have a specific question, please take a bit of time and read the descriptions for the other forums and post your question in the CORRECT or Best Suited place. Many helpers only browse the topics that interest them and posting your question in this forum will either result in your question not being replied to or being moved by a moderator to the correct place where it will hopefully be answered for you.
    However, the hard working moderators on this board are not here to move your post from this forum as a result of you being to lazy to take a bit of extra time and post it in the correct place, so please keep that in mind before you post and if you wish to make a good first impression on this board.

    Finally, welcome to the board, we have many members who have such a wealth of knowledge to share that it is rare your question will go unanswered, be sure to drop into the lounge to see what else is being discused, it is the place for general discussion on all the hot topics around the net and the world and make yourself at home.