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  • Want some expert opinions about this subject.


    I am brand new here and this is my second post and was looking for some help. A little bit of background on me, I have a BAAS degree in Web and Media Design, I am currently working on a big project for work. It is nice but my wife made a suggestion as well.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What software programs do you really need to know to be able to get freelance work?
    2. If you are doing free lance work on the side, how did you get started?
    3. How much do you charge? I am not expecting to get rich building websites, if that was the case we all be rich right? I want to make sure I am kind of the ball park area.
    4. What free sites would you suggest that are good at learning some programming skills that might help me out in the long run.
    5. Last question that I have is this if you are running a successful freelance out there, were you able to work at it full time and work for yourself instead of someone else.

    I am a little older at 42, but should have been doing more coding all these years than I have. I am not sure if this is in the right area or no if it is not my apologies and same if it has been answered before. Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Omar and a warm welcome to the forums.

    I've done a little freelancing as a full stack developer (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL etc) and now work for a large advertising agency in central London, UK on a permanent basis.
    There's a huge demand for freelancer devs in London, some getting up to 500 / day depending on how good you are, so yes, there's really good money to be made and plenty of work, at least here in the south of England.
    You really want to focus on what kind of development you like doing, I prefer more back end dev work - PHP & MySQL but am also getting much better at JavaScript & jQuery. HTML 5 & CSS 3 are a must have skill for most positions.
    If you prefer front end, you'll need to get really good and building fluid websites that work well on all devices. I'd recommend you learn Object Orientated JavaScript, jQuery and task runners like Grunt with SASS are also widely used.

    If you enjoy server side coding, PHP is fun to learn along with an MVC framework, I use Laravel at work. Solid database knowledge is also handy, MySQL is my preferred choice and used widely.

    Get used to writing code and never use WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver, Sublime Text is my preferred tool, and brush up on your version control skills, Git knowledge is a must at any agency.

    Let us know what you want to focus on and I'll suggest some good resources to get you going.
    Laracasts & Lynda learning are 2 that come to mind. Free resources like HTML dog & CSS tricks are also great.

    You're never too old by the way, I'm 44 and have been doing it professionally for about 6 years without any formal education and am constantly learning which is why I really enjoy the work.

    Good luck!

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